Types of records kept at The Coalport Area Coal Museum for both the coal industry and local family history/genealogy:

  • over 5900 obituaries of local individuals--all alphabetically indexed
  • comprehensive gravestone listings from every local cemetery
  • high school yearbooks dating back to early 1920's Reade, Coalport-Irvona and Beccaria Township, as well as every B.C.I. yearbook from 1950 to 1964. In addition, the museum has every Glendale High School yearbook from 1969 to 2012.
  • a linkable .pdf of our entire file collection titles from each of the five municipalities that make up our 'Glendale Valley', as well as coal mining, etc.
  • list of all family trees and files, as well as a 'how to' texts oabout genealogy.
  • other hyperlinked .pdf copies of files of our collection can be viewed (i.e. – museum videos/DVDs, CD's, etc.)
  • monthly teacher reports from Beccaria Township School District from 1914-1921; Coalport School District teacher reports from 1887-1891.
  • we have one of the largest and rarest collection PA Dept. of Mine annual mining reports
  • a wealth of material on both Clearfield and Cambria County, as well as many historical texts on the state of Pennsylvania.
  • almost every newspaper article or photo concerning local events and people (since 1999) has been scrapbooked in a growing series of notebooks—now on its 25th volume.
  • any questions on family genealogy can be emailed to the museum curator


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