Our reference room, which is shared with the adjacent Glendale Area Public Library, houses a variety of texts and photos not only about coal mining heritage, but also a wealth of materials on Pennsylvania, Clearfield county, as well as our local "Glendale Area" history. All of this material is listed under the category--"RefRoom"--in the "Inventory" link, with these special highlights: Genealogy section, which includes 'how to' books, notebooks with over 7,200 total local obituaries, notebooks detailing every one of our area cemeteries and individual tombstones indexed alphabetically by surname, 1440 birth certificates from 1903 through 1956, many family trees, notebook binders with all the death certificates for every grave in the Lyleville Cemetery and St. Basil's Cemetery, every B.C.I. and Glendale High School Yearbook from 1947 through to the present, some CD's of county history, atlases, history magazines, and maps.

Come use our reference room if you're searching for genealogy or just want to check out anything and everything we have about coal mining. Nearby, we have many file cabinets packed full with over 400 documents on topics such as: the history of the local area, Clearfield County, and Pennsylvania; coal mining information-- and over 45 family tree files and notebooks. 


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